Sometimes it seems that life just holds no interest anymore. It is like the “flavoring” of life has just diminished. It makes me think about a commercial I watched that was about Zest, the soap. In the commercials they really tried to portray the message that when you used this soap, it would restore that zeal, or zest you had for life. It would restore that energy you once had. Well, I’m going to talk about the real energy of life and how we can fix being out of sync with it.

When we are out of sync, we feel lost and have a lack of zest for anything. This happens when we are not working in sync with why we came here. We entered into this world with a purpose. It may have been to teach, heal, learn or love. But we are not here randomly. To restore that connection each day take time each morning to fall in love with yourself and your gift to this world. Each morning focus on what your purpose is here. We often times realize that we must love others but you can love others even more when you recognize who you are and what your message is for your world around you.

Tomorrow morning, just sit and contemplate your personal expression for those around you. Ask Spirit how you can best express that message. Do this every day and remember what that synchronicity with your purpose is all about. Just forget about all you have to do, and just “be” instead.

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