Stephen Rodgers, Marriage and Family Therapist, MMFT, Certified Mediator

Stephen Rodgers


I have been a teacher, principal, guidance counselor, and pastor. I bring this experience with me into the world of therapy where I am a registered intern with the state of Oregon as a marriage and family therapist.

We are all on a journey. At times we run into obstacles that keep us from being fully who we want to be. I offer my services to walk with you on that journey, to collaborate together to resolve issues, strengthen assets, and build hope. I work with all ages and believe we are all part of a variety of systems that impact our lives. By looking into the lives of clients we unwrap the story and work with the emotional content within the story.

In couple’s therapy I use a school of thought called Emotion Focused Therapy that believes in using what goes on within the sessions as the primary focus. We look for cycles that have become habits in the relationship that are less than helpful. We discover unmet needs in the relationship and work on changing the dynamics of it.

Families often have their struggles as each member moves through the various phases of life, no one is immune. Learning how to listen to one another is critical and family therapy offers an opportunity for all people in the family to be heard and to learn skills on how to listen better and respond rather than react to a wide variety of situations. I have been a pastor, a teacher, and a principal of schools for 30 years.

From time to time we find ourselves in situations at home, with neighbors, employees, or with others where unresolved issues increase tension. Mediation is a wonderful way to move towards resolution on many of these issues. I am a Certified Mediator and would enjoy working with you in cases where mediation may be appropriate.

Please give me a call so we can talk about how I might help you and increase insight and hope in your life.

Services Therapy for: Teens ♦ Couples ♦ Families ♦ Individuals
Areas of Expertise Relational issues, stress, depression, loss of purpose and feelings of self-worth, and a sense of being stuck
Rates $40-60 per session
Phone 503-336-4904

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