Office Rental

 Holistic & Alternative Health Professionals can Rent Office Space By-The-Hour


Great value, affordability & flexibility when you rent office space By-the-Hour

 Sage Center for Wholeness & Health offers a unique, one-of-a-kind professional resource for Councelors and Holistic Healers.  Sage Center’s “By the Hour” and “Ultra Flexible” office rental model  may create possibilities you haven’t even thought of.


  • Are you newly licensed in a Holistic or Alternative Health modality?

  • Have you been licensed for years but are new to the area?

  • Have you been considering establishing a satellite office for your existing Counseling or Alternative health practice?

  • Are you out there on your own and feeling like you need some structure and support?

Whether you are working full-time or part-time in your practice, Sage Center offers a comfortable, home-like and professional facility without the cost of a long term leases and other business expenses. If you are looking for simplicity, flexibility, quality and affordability, then Sage Center may be just the place for you.  


Sage Center could be your answer!


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Take a look at our Space


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Rental Details

    • Three massage rooms, with sinks and tables.
    • Four counseling rooms, each with 3-4 chairs
    • 400 sqf Group Room for Workshops and Classes
    • A spacious waiting room, a kitchenette, 2 bathrooms
    • WiFi/Copying/Fax


Make your Payment

    • Rooms are rented by the hour. No overhead!
    • Prices start at $16/hour or less!
    • Book the room of your choice through our online scheduler
    • Access the facility 7 days/week 7am-10pm
    • Room rental may be canceled up to 24 hours before
    • One time registration fee applies


Click to Download our Informative Brochure on Registration Options:





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