Megan Welch, Certified Yoga Instructor, Life Coach, Founder and Owner of Wellness for Wanderers



Megan’s vision, like many others, is for the world to heal and all beings on the planet to live in harmony. She believes the way for that to happen is to know, love, and express oneself authentically. Megan practices daily self-love by using the tools of yoga, meditation, essential oils, and life coaching, to name a few, to continuously connect with the truest version of herself. She chooses to compliment her work with a great sense of fun and gratitude and encourages those around her to do the same. Megan has an accumulation of more than two thousand hours of training in the following subjects: Yoga (Hatha, Vinyasa, and Nidra meditation), Life Coaching, and energy work (reiki). Her passion is to share the learned experiences she has gained with the people around her.

Services offered:

Wellness for Wanderers is a supportive group system in which we combine the tools of yoga, life coaching, and essential oils to cultivate and express a more authentic version of ourselves so that we may show up in our life to our full potential.
Group classes: Connect with your body in a fun, challenging, and meditative way to gain greater clarity and overall connection. These classes will be a mix and variety of vinyasa flow, hatha, yoga nidra meditation, coaching, journaling exercises, and oils. Come to class as a way of supporting yourself and others to build community and counteract feelings of being lost or alone on your journey. We honor everyone where they are at and with whatever emotions arise as we flow through this transformational work. Leave feeling more confident, bold, supported, and connected.
Workshops: break down why yoga, coaching, and essential oils help us to live a more healthy, fulfilling life.
Retreats: disconnect from the business and stress of life to reconnect with your inner guidance and wisdom.
Services   Supportive Group Yoga Classes  ♦ Life Coaching ♦ Transformational Yoga Coaching ♦  Essential Oil Educating
Drop in class –  $19
Packages: (all packages include discounts on special workshops and retreats)
                                              1 -month $55 (first time includes one private session)
                                              3- month $170 (first time includes as above, additional                                discounts on workshops/retreats, and a special gift to use for class.)
Private sessions:
Life coaching (1 hour)- $69 or package of four for $259
Transformational Yoga Coaching (1.5 hour) -$92 or package of four for $359
Phone  605-641-9626

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