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Marcelo Zurita


We are a group of health professionals dedicated to the treatment of ASD and disabilities. We use many therapeutic techniques to do Neurological Restoration and Neuroplasticity. This is an individually tailored therapeutic massage procedure to help the body restore and repair damages to the nervous system.
We treat children and adults with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Learning Disabilities, Behavioral Problems, Memory Problems, Hemiplegia, ADD/ADHD, Neurodevelopmental Problems, Sequelae of Meningitis, Head Trauma, Brain Tumor, Guillan Barre, Accidents.

The treatment is done without invasive or painful procedures, without the use of drugs, and seldom has side effects. In periodic follow-ups of persons treated in the past, we are finding out that most improvements achieved after 30 sessions have remained unchanged after many years. This treatment often helps restore the flow of Energy (Chi or Qi) throughout the body.

Benefits may include improvement in the following: communication and social interaction with family and friends, movement of body and extremities, flexibility, muscle tone, mass and strength, skin temperature and color, mental acuity, concentration, memory, cognitive function, and decrease of spasticity.
Many relatives and people that know them may also notice improvement in their speech, memory, desire to read, understanding, hand writing, and desire to finish their homework; they can also notice a change in their personal hygiene, willingness to help in house chores, desire to keep personal belongings and school work neat, clean and in an orderly fashion.

Give us a chance to treat your loved one with thirty massage sessions in six to ten weeks and most people might notice a different person. This is our experience of 30 + years doing this treatment. With Neurological Restoration and Neuroplasticity noticeable improvements typically start within the first ten sessions.

Services Treatment of children & adults with:
Autism SD-Cerebral Palsy-ADD/ADHD ♦ Learning Disabilities-Behavior Problems ♦ Head Trauma-Sequelae of Meningitis
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Phone 971-258-4172
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