Kathryn Wong, Certified Tai Chi Instructor

Kathryn Wong

Approach and Background

Kathryn Wong has trained tai chi for over 20 years both in the United States and in China. By training, competing, and demonstrating bare-hand forms, weapons forms, and two-person push hands sets, Kathryn has come to understand that the study of tai chi is a rich art. By learning not only the physical movements but also the philosophy, theories and principles behind tai chi, one begins to understand balance in movement, mind, body, and spirit.

Kathryn has trained traditional Wu Hao, Yang, and Chen styles of tai chi. She is a Certified Tai Chi Instructor, receiving her training from Grandmaster Jimmy K. Wong. Kathryn has participated in tai chi competitions both as a competitor, judge, performer, and organizer. She has dedicated her time and efforts to organizations promoting tai chi by performing and offering training. Most notably, Kathryn is

  • Resident Certified Instructor, JK Wong Kungfu Tai Chi Academy
  • Senior Tai Chi Instructor, JK Wong Kungfu Tai Chi Academy
  • Gold Medalist, 1998 5th International Yongnian Taijiquan Festival & Championship, Handan, China
  • Gold Medalist, 2007 1st International Taijiquan Open Invitational Tournament, Hong Kong
  • Executive Board member, North America Wu (Hao) Taiji Federation
Services Tai Chi Training:

  • Group Tai Chi Classes
  • Private Tai Chi Classes
Rates First class FREE; first month $40 unlimited classes; $40 monthly (once a week) or $70 monthly (twice a week); $12 drop-in.
Phone 503-780-3129

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