Curvy Yoga Class

December 11, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am
Heather Jones, Certified Curvy Yoga Teacher

Curvy Yoga BeavertonCurvy Yoga at the Sage BeavertonCurvy Yoga is an empowering yoga class, where bigger-bodied students can practice (re)connecting to themselves! The laid-back atmosphere encourages you to ask questions, explore variations, and learn about movement that fits YOUR body. We are owning our shape unapologetically, and learning to listen to our bodies through movement, breath, and a healthy dose of candidness – we are keeping’ it real! This is not watered-down yoga, there are no assumptions made about your capabilities based on your size or shape. This safe and supportive community teaches you how to work with your body, to appreciate your body, and to see what your body can and was meant to do. It is appropriate for beginner and experienced yogis alike. It is an active – although not vigorous – class, best suited for students who are able to get up and down from the floor with relative ease.



Instructor: Heather Jones, Certified Curvy Yoga Teacher

When: every Tuesday, 9am-10am

Rates: $15/class

To register for classes please follow the link:   curvy-yoga-sign-up

For more info, please contact Heather Jones: