Dr. Darla K. Johnson PhD, Health/Medical Psychologist, psychotherapist, trauma expert, adjunct professor of behavioral neuroscience, Yoga instructor, spiritual coach & counselor, author

Dr. Darla Johnson PhD


As a Doctor of Health/Medical Psychology I believe that health is more than merely the absence of disease. To be in good health means to be in a state of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social balance.

I practice “Good Medicine”

​To practice good medicine means combining the most current understanding of modern Western medicine with the very best and very ancient usage of alternative and complementary medicine. To practice good medicine means a clinician will utilize their advanced education and medical training drawn from both western and eastern medical traditions. Western medicine is based upon “the body as a machine” and is treated as such, but we all know and understand humans are made up of more than biology alone. Western medicine has proven effective as a crisis health care model only because of this reductionist model (i.e. broken bones, cardiac arrest, etc) and because of such is very poor at addressing and individual’s complete mind & emotional needs–oftentimes the very cause of DIS-ease (ill at ease).

We have the knowledge to go beyond the crises, reductionist western medicine health care model of today were we can learn to incorporate a present health mindfulness lifestyle through meditation, positive intent training, natural body calming techniques, and Dosha nutritional education to improve the functioning of your organs as a means of preventing diseases and creative vibrant sustainable health.

Ayurvedic Medicine & Psychology offers such a holistic and sustainable model. Ayurveda Medicine has been practiced for over five thousand years and is still the primary medical model of India today. Ayurvedic Psychology views the individual as a whole being, not just body parts, and the treatment approaches are toward healing and balancing mind/body and spirit for optimal wellness. Dr. Darla utilizes Ayurvedic psychology for holistic assessment and treatment modalities with her patients. In addition to psychotherapy, Sound therapy, music therapy, Yoga, Meditation and customized Dosha assessment and training–nutritional training– has been the basis of my whole body psychological treatment for years and have been scientifically proven as “best practices” in medicine for prevention of DIS-ease. These natural remedies have also been proven to be most effective in improving clarity of mind and quality of life.

If you or someone you love is hurting in mind/body or spirit, please schedule and appointment with me today! Please see my Fees/Services tab for further information and scheduling.

Healthfully Yours,
Dr. Darla K. Johnson PhD

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