Claudia Weber M.A., Director, H.E.A.R. T. Partners LLC , Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Licensed HeartMath(TM) Corporate Trainer, Licensed HeartMath(TM) Resilience Coach, Light Body Shamanic Studies, Certified Behavioral Analyst, WellCoach

Claudia Weber M.A.


I am a U.S. Navy Veteran with expertise in trauma counseling, community mental health, pain management, transformational change and corporate leadership.

Having spent 17+ years in the corporate environment, I am very familiar with the stress, pressure and personal toll. My personal healing journey inspired me to find alternative ways to live and thrive in this environment. That journey took me to live with and learn from Shamans around the world, learning ancient methods to heal modern challenges. 

I bring a unique and gentle perspective to guide you, utilizing traditional and ancient practices, to identify and release patterns that are preventing you from living the life you envision. Reduce stress, anxiety and PTSD symptoms, find your joy and live the wisdom of your heart.

Every life has it’s challenges, every heart has an answer. Learn how to find and trust your answers.

Utilizing ancient native traditions and modern techniques, I will guide you to quickly release patterns, connect with your inner wisdom, take control to manage your emotions and your energy.

Are you ready for a transformation? Identify behaviors and beliefs that no longer serve you and together we will release them on levels that open your life to profound transformation. Set yourself free!

Services Stress ♦ Anxiety ♦ PTSD ♦ HeartMath ♦ Shamanic Energy Healing ♦ Sound Healing 
Rates Please call for rates. 
Phone 360-951-4111 

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