Chanterrie Lee: Advanced MCKS Pranic healer, Reiki Master, Minister, Shamanic kinesiology, homeopathic healer, writer, and transformational speaker

Chanterrie Lee


Through a series of early childhood events that awakened her to the presence of an inherited gift of extrasensory perception, at the age of seven, Chanterrie Lee embraced her unique abilities and began to develop her intuitive and holistic healing techniques. Under the tutelage of her Cherokee mother she began to learn shamanic massage and kinesiology. For over thirty-seven years, she has performed healings for people from all walks of life, and from all over the world. By time she was in her teens she began avid studies into the knowledge of homeopathic medicine. She created a protocol for treating not only her asthma but the asthma for many. Her current healing modalities are Reiki and MCKS Pranic Healing, as well as aroma touch therapy.

Clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient, Chanterrie works with the Creator on hundreds of different levels of consciousness simultaneously to retrieve miraculous, and often life-changing information.

In 2014 she created a Facebook community called Mountain Mystic. A site dedicated to positive, and high vibrational content. That same year she established Spirit Bear Meetup. The meetup featured Native American teachings and meditations. And recently founded Mountain Mystic, intuitive and holistic healing.

She has studied with psychic-medium Hollister Rand, Suzanne Northrup and many others. She holds a Ministry license and Doctorate of Divinity. She is a teacher, writer, blogger, professional photographer, web designer, and transformational speaker. She is currently a creative script writer for the series From Pain to Promise. Current works emphasize in house clearings and spirit warfare. Chanterrie  also offers certification in Reiki and personal coaching. Learn more at

Services Shamanic kinesiology ♦ Homeopathic medicine ♦ Reiki and MCKS Pranic healing sessions ♦ Personal coaching ♦ Aroma touch therapy
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Phone 503-858-4356

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