Celia Lambert, Ph.D., Health and Wellness Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, Author and Lecturer

Celia Lambert, PhD


I am a Natural Health Wellness Practitioner specializing in emotional healing, facilitating wellness holistically.

Working this way can empower you toward becoming the best version of yourself! You will learn to recognize and release old fears that have fueled self-doubt, self-destruction and/or defeating behaviors.

Learn to accept and love yourself, maybe for the first time ever. Only the energy of love heals. If you have ever thought you should or could be happier than you are, you’re probably right. You can discover your true self. You can create your authentic life and can love the life you live!

My ideal client is unhappy. Some are deeply unhappy. Somewhere inside of them they think that things should or could be different. They want things to be different. They just can’t figure out how to get there from here.

My clients are young and older, as it’s never too late to be happy. They are men and women, financially successful and not. Some have a diagnosed dis-ease, while others do not. Some have been in therapy for years, while some have never been. Some are married, divorced, and or remarried. Some have children, while some do not. Some have risen to the top of their chosen fields, while others struggle in their careers.

The common denominator, the common thread in the clients that I accept, is that they ALL want to be happier than they are right now and are ready, willing and able to work towards this goal.

Services Intuitive Counseling ♦ Energy Healing ♦ Nutritional Counseling ♦ Guided Meditation ♦ Hypnotherapy
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